IFI - Lough Fada

11 miles south-west from Kenmare and 3 miles from the village of Sneem. An attractive, clear water long, narrow, 14 acre, very convenient, roadside lough, where numerous roadside angling sites have been created. A good section for fly fishing at the eastern end. Angling difficult from the steep solid rock bank of the northern shoreline but boats can be hired if required. Holds a very good stock of Rainbow Trout and adult Rainbow Trout are stocked regularly to maintain a high stock density and give worthwhile angling returns. Small Rudd and Eels are also Present. Recommended angling methods include worms - with a float artificial flies, or try a small spinner.

Permits and boats from:

Joli Couer Crafts and Tourist Information
Tel: 064 6675807
Blackwater Tavern
Blackwater, Kenmare
Tel: 064 6682003

IFI - Lough Fada
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