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The Sheen near Bonane.. ©Stewart Stephens

Sheen River:

Location: Kenmare, Co. Kerry

Sheen Falls Hotel 064 6640003.

The Experience:

Another spate river, typical of the region, the Sheen river runs for some 25km from its source in the Caha Mountains into Kenmare Bay.

The river tends to fish well for a relatively short period following a flood and the main quarry here is the salmon. All fishing methods are allowed on the river so the angler has a choice as to the method used depending on the water levels. There are a number of pools along the river and a number of smaller tributaries also flow into the main river.

The river runs clear even in high water which means that a fly can always be used if the angler chooses though worming and spinning prove to be best to tempt the fresh fish out of this water.

Species & Fishing:

Salmon is the main fish sought by anglers in this river with a run of fish entering the river from June onwards. As noted earlier, all legal methods of fishing are allowed with the method of choice depending on the angler and the water conditions.

NOTE: The fishing rights on this river are owned by the Sheen Falls Hotel and fishing is strictly reserved for guests staying at the hotel. 


Access to the river is available from a number of different roads in the area with a number of bridges providing crossing points along its length.

Rules & Regulations:

All legal fishing methods are permitted on the river and a bag limit of two fish per rod per day is operated by the fishery owners. The season runs from the 15th of March to the end of September. Please ensure you are fully up to date with the regulations that apply before starting to fish.

Sheen River
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