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The Experience:

A wonderful spate river and lake system located in some 300 acres of unspoilt countryside this fishery provides the angler with salmon on sea trout opportunities as well as having an abundance of resident brownies which are sure to keep you busy during the course of a day’s fishing. The salmon, grilse and sea trout start to run into the system from early April and the run of fish continues through the season. This system offers plenty of challenges and variety for the experienced angler while also providing some excellent chances for the less experienced angler to experience the thrill of catching a wily sea trout or fresh run salmon. 

Located in a valley under the Connor Pass Road, the scenic driving route between Tralee and Dingle, the system is made up of a total of 9 lakes and more than 8km of river that is designated fly only. The system is filled by the many mountain streams which flow off the surrounding mountainsides before flowing out into the pristine Atlantic Ocean in Brandon Bay. Its unique location, nestled as it is in a peat bog covered valley surrounded by mountains means that sufficient rain falls on many days during the year to ensure water levels are sufficient to allow fishing. Indeed the run of sea trout into the river from early June on ensures that night fly fishing is not just productive but also a wonderfully enjoyable experience.

Single handed fly rods are the way to go on this river, even for the hard fighting Grilse who grab a fly with a force that has to be experienced to be believed. The skills of the angler quickly become honed to spot the lies and successfully play a fish in one of the 33 named pools on this river.

For the angler that wishes to enjoy a day’s lake fishing, boats are available to ensure you can cover all the main “hot spots”, particularly the deeper areas of water where the fish tend to lie after running the river. Advice is always available from Fishery Manager Frank Maunsell as to which flies are catching fish and which pools or areas of the lake are most productive and a helping hand is always available for the novice angler.

Species & Fishing:

There are three species of fish in this system, Salmon, Sea Trout and native Brown Trout. In addition the lakes are believed to contain stocks of Artic Char. The fish start to enter the system from early April and fishing can be productive throughout the season. Given that this is a spate river, the run of fish into the system depends on the water levels but as noted earlier, this location tends to have above average rain fall that in general ensures fish can travel into the system of the tides throughout the season. During the summer season, night fly fishing for sea trout is particularly productive with multiple fish catches reported by anglers when conditions are right. The native brownies, which range in size from 6 to 15 inches, tend to ensure an angler gets plenty of sport while waiting for the big take.


The river is located on the R550 road, just on the outskirts of Cloghane Village and is easily accessed from Dingle, via the Connor Pass, from Tralee/North Kerry and from Killarney/South Kerry.  Depending on where you are fishing, you can park at the bridge and start at the Bridge Pool before progressing up along the bank or alternatively, you can drive up into the bog and start fishing further up the system. Access to the lake is also through the road into the bog.

Rules & Regulations:

This fishery is Fly only and is operated on a catch and release basis.

Anglers who do not comply with the fishery rules will be requested to leave the fishery

Any angler on the river without the relevant permit will be prosecuted.

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Owenmore River
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My experience on Owenmore Fisheries - A Pictorial Jewel
"The Owenmore Fisheries is surely one of the most picturesque fishing locations in Ireland set against the backdrop of the Conor Pass and the duo of Brandon Peak and the majestic Mount Brandon. On a lovely early July day, I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with this river system in the company of Frank Maunsell, the fisheries manager. Frank advised me on fly selection which included the old reliables of the Teal Blue and Silver, the March Brown and the Bibio. We started at the Bridge Pools at Cloghane where we hooked several small sea trout up to 3/4 lb. Frank generously shared his vast knowledge of the river by showing me the key lies. Before we headed up river, one of the best anglers on the system, Ross, stopped by to say hello and get an update on the fishing. He even offered me some flies for fresh sea trout which actually worked later on in the day. As we walked up river, some of the pools required roll casting which I must admit had been a weak point of mine. After a few casts and some inspired advice from Frank, I was casting like a pro and was rewarded with a few lively sea trout. As we headed further up river, the Owenmore valley opened up in all its splendour. We fished the magnificent Liontra pool which looked perfect but unfortunately the wily sea trout did not oblige, unlike their brown trout cousins who threw themselves at our flies at regular intervals. Throughout the course of the day Frank regaled me with several piscine and canine stories. One of the best and often overlooked benefits of fly fishing is being out in nature in the company of fellow anglers who share the same passion and enthusiasm for the outdoors. The Owenmore Fisheries offers excellent sea trout fishing in a wonderful location."
Andy Fogarty, Ireland, 21/04/2012
Wild and beautiful area. "At the beginning of the twenty first century, it is nice to know that this area in Kerry, Ireland is still home to the Gaelic language, the salmon and the sea trout, the woodcock and the snipe. The Owenmore has much to offer the angler who appreciates a wild and beautiful country."
Peter O'Reilly, Rivers of Ireland, 21/04/2012
A fishermans heaven "We looked at each other in disbelief. In our first drift we had caught two sea trout and roughly 20 brownies! We hit fish nearly every second cast, ranging from six to 15 inches. We ended the day with seven sea trout."
John Buckley, Ireland, 21/04/2012
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